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by UAFC Editor

An Ulster fans View of Treviso

Treviso is a small city in the North East of Italy 35 km North of Venice population around 85,000. The walled centre mostly dating back to the early 1500's and outside the walls all built during the last 110 years. This is a town to explore on foot as it's maze of canals and bridges, houses decorated with frescoes, churches and palaces cannot be seen any other way, don't forget to look up under some of the archways as the old frescos are at there best protected from the elements.

It is the home of the Benetton fashion empire who own not only the rugby team but also the local basketball and volleyball teams as well.

Eating and Drinking

This is the land of pasta, pizza and risotto so forget about even looking for an Ulster fry, unless you have brought the ingredients with you! Guinness is also on short supply, this is going to lead to a radical readjustment of the typical Ulsterfans diet for the weekend!

Could we all come home healthier and fitter after a weekend here?

Forget about large bars like Keily's in Donnybrook or Sloan's in Gloucester; Treviso has a multitude of small bars which serve snacks and some bar meals also, these are known as Osteria's, usually run by the owner with sometimes a second barman to help out, they generally only hold 30 to 40 people. They are well stocked with local wines and spirits and also Heineken with a couple of local beers as well. Prices are similar to what we are used to at home with beer around €3.50 and a large glass of wine at €2. Pizza's range from € 5 to € 9 depending on the class of restaurant, although the service might be a bit more posh the food is just the same all freshly cooked to order and no microwaves in sight. There is a McDonalds for any sad individual who really feels he must have a burger!

For a good simple sit down meal try Da Pino in Piazza dei Signori they specialise in pizza and pasta but peppered fillet steak is also on the menu at €16 but be warned when you order a steak in Italy that is all you get, chips are extra! If you are more adventurous try Toni del Spin in here there is a good range of local dishes for the prawn sandwich brigade or the more adventurous terrace dweller. In general food and drink are a similar price to home, except wine in restaurants is a lot cheaper


For those of you who still have some money left after getting yourself here the main shopping street is the Via Calmaggiore which runs through the Piazza dei Signori and is characterised by it's vaulted arcades with medieval fresco's, all the famous Italian designer label stores are along this street. Best advice I can give here is that if you bring the wife leave the credit card at home, or vice versa!


Benetton Treviso Rugby Club is situated 3.5 km North from the centre of town at Stadio di Monigo on the Via Olimpia , that's the same as Ravenhill to the Odyssey! The alternative is bus route 2 or 9, both stop outside the Duomo (cathedral) and near the train station.

Getting There

Flying to Treviso

There appears to be an infinite combination of routes that lead to the North of Italy. Ryanair fly to Treviso airport and it is only 5km from the medieval town of Treviso home of Benetton Treviso. Aer Lingus and Easyjet serve Venice Marco Polo airport which is a mere 15km from Treviso.

Treviso Airport – Ryanair only

The Ryanair winter schedule is now on sale. You can fly to Treviso from London Stanstead, London Luton or Liverpool.

Stanstead and Luton are served by Easyjet direct from Belfast International whilst on the Liverpool route there is a choice of carriers with Flybe operating from Belfast City Airport and Easyjet from Belfast International Airport.

You can also travel from Dublin to Brussels, Frankfurt, Rome and Girona and then onwards to Treviso Airport. Ryanair also operate a flight from Dublin to London Stanstead and onwards to Treviso or from there you could pick up an Easyjet flight to Venice Marco Polo.

Venice Marco Polo Airport – Aer Lingus and Easyjet

Aer Lingus operate a direct flight from Dublin to Venice Marco Polo , however, at time of writing this is not a daily service so visit for availability.

Easyjet fly to Venice Marco Polo Airport from Nottingham East Midlands, Bristol and London Gatwick. Each of these airports is served from Belfast.

Flybe fly to Bristol and London Gatwick from Belfast City Airport whilst Easyjet fly to Bristol and London Gatwick from Belfast International. BMI Baby will connect you from Belfast International to Nottingham East Midlands. Winter Schedules on all these airlines are now on sale.

Or catch the train from Milan direct to Treviso for around 25€ .

For information consult (Winter Schedule now onsale) (Winter Schedule now onsale) Schedule now onsale)

Where To Stay

A pdf list of hotels and B&B's from the tourist board is available here; it was printed for the year ending June 2005 so there may be some new additions or changes.