The New CEO

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Re: The New CEO

Post by WestDr » Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:27 pm

Seems to me that there's an important point being missed in all this discussion about what the new CEO should do in respect of Paddy J and Stuart O. And it is that he doesn't have a dog in this fight (and to an extent nor does Dan McF). All they do know is that it's controversial....

I'd speculate that if IRFU ever came to them and said "we'd like to see one/both playing in Ireland again so we can pick them for the national side", then the CEO's reply would be "well, have you got all the sponsors, other provinces, press etc on side ? And who will be paying them ? Satisfy me (and the coach and the team) that you've got that all sorted, you will break the news, lead the discussion and will continue to stand-by your decision in the midst of what happens, and yes,then I'll give you a decision as to what I think about that and what I might do".....

And I'd also say that he'd probably say the same to anyone (coach or whomever) that said they were needed at Ulster, together with "tell me how and what they'd bring over any other available player to deliver the objectives and goals we agreed on".

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Re: The New CEO

Post by Dave » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:09 pm

Interesting hypothetical. So the IRFU says yes and UR come up with some catastrophic predictions about the press, sponsors and other provinces. The press and sponsors are scumbags. I see BT and FBBCNI were attempting to rake muck over our Rory today. Just ignore them. The BOI were one of six banks that caused a banking crisis in ROI causing untold misery, pain, despair etc. I find it amazing that some are so very concerned about upsetting them. I could not care less about the other provinces. They have had players with actual criminal convictions.

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Re: The New CEO

Post by Dharper » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:48 pm

I’m Now resigned to the fact neither will represent Ulster again. I doubt the Irfu would ever consider a playing return (hoping for a slow airbrushing now they’re abroad) and doubt the CEO has the will or power to sanction it. I was in Bordeaux weekend before last on a lads trip. We watched Bordeaux play Perpignan, Paddy came off the bench for the last 25. It was like watching a race horse pulling a milk cart - an absolutely tragic waste. Sooner he’s at LI the better. I hope SO gets to show his talent at top club level, has all the tricks in the book.

Make no mistake the Osp playoff attendance was a massive wake up call. They need to get the season tkts up, ave game attendance etc. This “all inclusive ulster family” image unfortunately isn’t going to align with the 2 lads coming back to UR - too risky for Irfu. God knows how much the mismanagement in the last 2yrs of SL tenure has cost.

I’ll give JP one thing. The guy fronts up to the camera. I thought he handled the SZ racist abuse thing well. Also from what I can see he hasn’t come out with any BS re UR rebuild.

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