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Any Plumbers? - Radiator Help

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Re: Any Plumbers? - Radiator Help

Postby Cap'n Grumpy » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:55 pm

fuzzylogic wrote:Any plumbers on the site, could use some advice. Recently had one of these vertical radiators installed, the radiator itself has 7 panels, but only 4 of them are heading up.

Any thoughts?

Old or new system Fuzzy (setting aside the obvious age of the new rad)?

If old, you also need to consider a build up of corrosive sludge in an old system. If the system was drained to fit the new rad (and it may not have needed to be), it may have dislodged corroded sludge and it may have blocked your nice new rad.

if you have an old system, have you cold spots on any other rads? Why did you get the new rad? was it because of a leak in the one you replaced?

Worst case scenario is that you have experienced "over-pumping" where hot water has been expelled to an overflow tank where it has become oxygenated, then returned to your system and the oxygen allows the rads to rust from the inside (not the copper pipes though). If this needs addressed, ensure you add an anti-oxident to the system when sorted.

I would suggest you bring the plumber back that fitted the rad (presuming you used one), and tell him/her that it is not performing correctly. It may just need the return valve adjusted, or as BR has suggested, it may have unbalanced your system, particularly if it is a different size from the one it replaced or has different inlet/outlet pipe diamater. If so, I would hope they should do that FOC as it wasn't done properly at time of fitting and should have been included in your fitting charge.

That's all I've got to offer ..... I think.
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Cap'n Grumpy
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Re: Any Plumbers? - Radiator Help

Postby bazzaj » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:25 pm

fuzzylogic wrote:Any plumbers on the site, could use some advice. Recently had one of these vertical radiators installed, the radiator itself has 7 panels, but only 4 of them are heading up.

Any thoughts?

If the heat you are getting through is the same as the rest as the system it's sounds like a bleeding issue with air pockets or a build up of sludge if it's an older rad.

If it is not as warm as the rest it sounds like a balancing issue and will need to turn the return valves on the other rads down an notch to force sufficient pressure through.
The rad in question is probably a recent addition and likely to be at the end of the system if that's the case.
You will want to turn the valve to the max ( to the highest point) which normally require a set of pliers.

Anything else I wouldn't take on so call a plumber.
You may require an entire system clean out but be warned that's pricey.
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Re: Any Plumbers? - Radiator Help

Postby Dave » Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:28 pm

Just put your Ulster top on over you hoodie with your lanyard on full display.

I have my own tv channel, what have you got?
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Re: Any Plumbers? - Radiator Help

Postby Russ » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:41 pm

Dave wrote:Just put your Ulster top on over you hoodie with your lanyard on full display.


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Re: Any Plumbers? - Radiator Help

Postby Tender » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:49 am

There's a few wearing Ulster hoodies who need to be bled.

Why anyone other than Luke Marshall (hands like feet), or is a lazyfecker, would ever need a plumber, an electrician or a boiler serviceman, is beyond me.

Once God finished his rest day and invented the interweb with its instructional videos on how to do practically every sort of household maintenance, including sorting out yer women, it's become very easy to pick up these skills. Until God got off his hole, these skills where a mystery to many men (and women).
FFS one can usually find a video with the exact model of appliance, or item which requires attention, although that's not the case with sorting out yer women and if you do come across a 'helpful video' which shows the exact model of yer woman being serviced/repaired, you'll probably be needing professional help.
Support the Team, not the regime
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Re: Any Plumbers? - Radiator Help

Postby BaggyTrousers » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:08 pm

Outstanding common sense Tender and no little mirth value.

As a lifelong white collar skiver, it pleases me greatly to sort out most things myself, if anyone wants a fence sorted my rates are prohibitively expensive but the jobs a good'un. I fenced a horse paddock a few years back, about 600-700 metres for a horse rescue charity who were renting a place, then when we had it ship-shape the bitch of an owner gave them notice to quit and sold the whole place, utter back til front but the girls had been stupid enough to rent it on a casual basis from their supposed friend.

Weemin & cars are the trickier ones, cars mainly because of the welter of equipment & hydraulic ramps required.

Weemin? Well, it's self-evident, they are not like you or I, mind you I am grateful to have pulled a keeper, we've been together for 40 friggin' years, almost 38 as ball and chain. :D

As a younger man I used to use a set of metal ramps and crawl under on my back to sort out exhausts and the like, but those days are long gone. I have an Estonian (I think, could be Latvian) gentleman who is an absolute wizard.
Support the team and coaching staff. Forget the rest,BUT NEVER MOVE ON.

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