Nevin Spence: Always With Us

Talk about the men in white, and everything Ulster!!

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Re: Nevin Spence: Always With Us

Post by shamalicious » Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:39 pm

Nevin Spence 26 April 1990 – 15 September 2012 gone but never forgotten

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Re: Nevin Spence: Always With Us

Post by Gary » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:10 pm

:( One of our own and one of the best.
I have a cunning plan...why not just leave things as they are but tell the Brexiteers that we have left the EU? After all they believe every lie that they were told by Boris and Nigel.

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Re: Nevin Spence: Always With Us

Post by scrum5 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:56 am

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Still with Us
In memory of Nevin Spence 1990- 15th Sept. 2012
Axel..... 30 October 1973 - 16 October 2016

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