Concussive traumatic brain injuries

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Re: Concussive traumatic brain injuries

Post by rumncoke » Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:03 am

In the days before Yellow and Red cards the illegal in the front was sorted by a fist from somewhere ( see the film "THIS Sporting Life " ( every team had an enforcer) usually early in a match ,and front rows knew what to expect thus seldom indulged themselves greatly especially in the lower divisions.

Similarly the need to hook the ball or( the prop steal the hook )meant props were expected to be the pillars supporting the hooker rather than be a means to destruct the opposition scrum ( it happened but was not considered the primary function)

With the emphasis for the referee to see the ball went in straight without spin the scrum was contestable .

Hooking No longer applies the ball goes into the second row and the scrum can't be contested with out being illegal' given packs of similar size ( which of course provides the catalyst for bigger and bigger forwards.)
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