Ulster v Leinster Sat Mar 6th 7:35pm KO

Talk about the men in white, and everything Ulster!!

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Re: Ulster v Leinster Sat Mar 6th 7:35pm KO

Post by Cap'n Grumpy » Sat Mar 13, 2021 8:20 pm

volvo wrote:
Sat Mar 13, 2021 8:06 pm
Have to agree Dave there is a well known Cricket thread on this forum started by our esteemed member gannonman in 2012, OFF Topic on here
>Off_Topic_Man >seeya
Why are you talking about a cricket thread on here? There's a perfectly good cricket thread to talk about cricket threads.

Yer >Off_Topic_Man

Now to get back on an Ulster v Leinster topic, has anyone seen the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers in Co Down and Wicklow?

Are the Ulster woodpeckers more numerous than the Wicklow ones?
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Re: Ulster v Leinster Sat Mar 6th 7:35pm KO

Post by Bobbievee » Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:29 am

Dharper wrote:
Sat Mar 13, 2021 10:46 am
.....Top class Indian, Or a top class 20/20 specialist Merv.

So alas No eir sport for me - I’ve watched the highlights on the beeb.

I’m happy enough with the yellow for toner.
The Leinster centre head clash with Madigan was red all day long.
Warwicks was yellow - no way was that red in context of the other yellows....if so toner and the centre are off. Frankly it’s embarrassing Warwick has a 2 week ban for a secondary contact but effectively a headbutt to the face gets no sanction.

RBs 2nd try was absolutely fine....I’m pretty sure a dummy line is used to deceive a defence & that happened. Ruddock turned in early and engaged with McCloskey NOT the other way round, Ruddock fell for it. I can understand a Tmo asking to look at it, but it wasn’t blocking. The inconsistency of reffing ruined the game as a competition.

I am noticing a worrying trend of TMOs effectively applying pressure on refs to overturn decisions or dish out cards it’s almost a challenge to the refs authority / and doesn’t come across they are working as a team - I don’t like it. What I did like was the snippets of DMcF after the game long may he stay at Ulster - top class.

As decent as they are AOC & KT aren’t they aren’t going to give you the grunt required to beat a decent set piece team. With carters injury profile and IHs injuries/ire commitment we are a good 2nd row short hopefully young Cormac can develop but he is very very green and a few yrs off.

Lots of Exciting selection for dragons - I’m looking forward to seeing Moore. Clearly a player with so much talent his kicking game has been erratic at times but when that clicks it really gives UR an extra option in the centre.
Agree with all of this except the Balacoune disallowed try. When B received the ball Stu was already 3 feet in front of him. At no point did Stu look like a dummy runner or that he was ever going to receive the ball. He set a course for Ruddock with no intention other than running into him without the ball. Running interference is for American football...........not rugby union.

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