Heiny Cup 18/19 - Other Sides

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Re: Heiny Cup 18/19 - Other Sides

Post by big mervyn » Sun May 12, 2019 9:22 am

Dublin4 wrote:McGrath's brain fart when the clock went over 40 at the end of the first half was unforgiveable.
Complete game changer. Switched the momentum.
I remember your diminutive scrum half doing something similarly stupid a few years ago. Not acceptable from pro players.
Trying to press home an advantage from that position is the way Leinster play so the decision not to kick it dead was probably part of their game plan. McGrath's execution however, was terrible, and to compound that error with a oenalty in a "safe" area of the pitch was criminal.
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Re: Heiny Cup 18/19 - Other Sides

Post by Frank » Sun May 12, 2019 2:34 pm

Cap'n Grumpy wrote:
Frank wrote:
Cap'n Grumpy wrote:
Frank wrote:Sarries should be too strong.
I know they are both good well drilled sides but completely uninspired or thrilled by either side.
No imagination, just systems and work rate apart from James Lowe and they don't even want to pick him!
Think Beauden Barrett is probably the only other player that gets me out of my chair any more.
Since Folau went rogue at any rate.
Folau went rogue? :shock:

When did that happen?

What did he do?

I'm surprised no one mentioned it. :roll:
He put a picture of a royal baby being a monkey in the paper I think.
Or something.
Ah, I must have missed that.

And the monkeys were insulted were they?

In that case Folau should be sacked for bringing monkeys into disrepute.
I'm not too sure of the details so don't quote me on that ( too late doh!)
I did hear that the monkey might have been a homosexual.

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