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Eng V Wales

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:04 pm
by againstthehead
Hard game to analyse. England looked pretty good for 50 mins. Thought Care was a live wire and Jonny tried to mix things up a bit. They look focused and could be a dark horse in this championship. Wales were all at sea. No real fluidity and incapable of building the phases. That result won't do their confidence much good and I reckon Wales will also lose to ireland and france.

Decent game with good intensity but a lot of kicking and handling errors. The rule makers are going to have to find a way to reduce aimless kicking!

Re: Eng V Wales

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:24 pm
by Shan
I must say after watching the Ireland game I was looking forward to this one to hopefully restore my faith in the game but it turned out to be even worse with long drawn out competitions to see who could win win the award for the most aimless kicking team of all time.The first half in particular was truly shocking as an advertisment for the game.Things at least improved in the second half.

Thank f-ck for the best scrum half in the 6N, in my opinion, as he really tried to make the game more than just a kickfest with some lovely breaks and other quickness of thought and action.Just a pity he had a donkey outside him who unfortunately because of his goalkicking and safeness is there for the long haul.

Very impressed today with Nick Easter and Haskell was also very good but I thought only got MOTM because of the tries.Care should have got it.Moody also played reasonably.

England tight 5 as you expect.Nothing flash but very solid.

England backs not really in the game.Wilko doesn't realise yet it is a 15 man game.Neither does Johnno despite picking reasonably talented backs, the best of them being Cueto in my opinion and how annoying for a player of his ability to be stuck in a 10 man team.

Wales very poor.

Wyn Jones: What a moron.

Powell: What a useless f-cker.Ryan Jones: What an overrated player he has always been.

Cooper: Shockingly bad.The other lad who came on(can't recall his name) was much better.

The backline were extremely poor with only Hook showing any element of danger and even that was only a couple of times.

Byrne: Safest hands in the world my a-se.That Eddie Butler is some tool.

The best part out this game was the commentary of Brian Moore.Calling Wyn Jones "thick" for his trip.Excellent stuff.Moore usually says what I'm thinking about stupid players while other commentators beat about the bush.

At least I also got the result I was looking for.Always nice to see the miserable Gatland on the losing side.Mind you Johnno is pretty miserable as well. >TH >TH

Re: Eng V Wales

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:31 pm
by againstthehead
hard to argue with any of those points. I thought Jonny was okay, some nice inside flicks. In fairness to both sides, the defences were pretty good and the intensity was brutal at times. With so few forwards going into rucks and mauls these days it's very very hard to create space in the wide channels, hence we have a kick fest.

Re: Eng V Wales

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:12 am
by bogboy
England reverted to style playing a game of Barge Ball and kick I doubt if ball went through more than two passes in any England move.
It wasn't so much a game of keep ball by England more a game of we don't want it because we don't know what to do with it-- so we'll let you have it and capitalise on your mistakes
The score line flattered England and their last try exposed the high risk nature of a flat back-line it creates the opportunity for the intercept.

I don't really agree with the assessment of the Welsh performance or players above other than Cooper who was the poorest scrum half in either game and made Springer's performance last night look excellent but at least the Welsh tried to play rugby and put passes together.

I maybe an earache of a 6 nations as commentators talk up the English and the wonderful win but the lead was made when the Welsh were down to 14 men and the nail was an intercept try England are still a bad rugby side but due to size of the pack and a well organised defence a team that will be hard to beat winning games by allowing the opposition beat themselves.