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Re: Ferris actual world class

Post by ColinM » Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:44 pm

I'll give you some of that Neil. I have to agree on DOC who was good when he came back, even if i felt he was rushed back a little quickly at the expense of the consistently good Cullen. Ihavent got stats on numbers of players EOS used in his 6Ns and number of new caps, but wouldnt think he's too far behind Kidney this term. As for the McLaughlin caps, didnt EOS cap Keough (or was it Hogan)in Rome 2007?

I cant face using Buckley as a defence of selection though. Court showed he was good enough at TH then dropped out of sight with Kiss publicly saying Buckley is the future. Buckley should be nowhere near an Ireland squad, Court, Ross, Andress and Fitrzpatrick should all be ahead of him. At least some of them can scrummage. Leinsters use of Ross though is an example of how coming home can harm your Ireland chances.

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Re: Ferris actual world class

Post by WhiteKnightoftheWeld » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:44 am

ColinM wrote:Andress
the guy who played for methody in the school's cup?


his dad will be raging, might even come on here for a rant!
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Re: Ferris actual world class

Post by cables » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:48 am

Dear Sir,

What can I do to make players stop bullying me? In the last few weeks, I've been gouged twice, stamped on, called nasty names, shot at by pee-shooter, had my shorts pulled down, my lunchbox highjacked and shoelaces tied together at the bottom of a ruck....some of the perpetrators have been punished (my neighbour's cousin's mother's pen-pal works at the ERC and could pull a few strings) but it doesn't seem to have stopped the bullies from targeting me.

My mom wrote a letter to give to the coach but he said I should just toughen up. What can I do?

- Stevie in Belfast

The Badger says: Ah shame, that's too bad Steve. Perhaps your mom should wait field-side until the game is over to make sure you're OK? Goggles can also help with the eye-gouging - it's becoming standard practice to wear them in France - and you could try some extra padding for the stamping.

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