Baa Baa tickets

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Re: Baa Baa tickets

Post by Russ » Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:30 am

BaggyTrousers wrote:
Cockatrice wrote:
BaggyTrousers wrote:
Russ wrote:Not playing GSTQ is a tad disrespectful
To whom? :roll:
Maybe not so much disrespectful as just a joke in my opinion which of course counts for nothing... why well apparently the national anthem of the host country is played for the Barbarians in response to the national anthem of the country they are playing... everywhere except here.

Ok in fairness to trouble making bigots like Russ and you, I was not aware of that convention, odd though it would have appeared for a largely SH team.
Keep calling someone a bigot and you'll end up with Trump

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