My Letter to FIRFU - possibly your template

Talk about the men in white, and everything Ulster!!

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My Letter to FIRFU - possibly your template

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Lansdowne Road

Dear Fuc'king Irish Rugby Football Union

In the light of your recent actions, I wish to declare that I am no longer an appropriate person to enter your rugby grounds and henceforth shall, with a degree of embarrassment since I'm not worthy, attend the Ulster v Ospreys game at Ravenhill Park Belfast to say goodbye to friends and thereafter resolve not to darken your doorstep again.

I shall shortly turn 64 and have been attending matches both throughout Ireland and abroad supporting mainly Ulster & Ireland but other provinces, most often Munster for well in excess of 50 years

Amongst the many things of which I am guilty are the following:

- I swear far too often, not always but often due to your actions.

- When I believe myself to be talking only to a group of friends and not the entire world, I say things about men, women, believers and non-believers, black, white and all other shades of skin colour, young people, old people ........ just about every conceivable type of human ............ and to my eternal shame, I say things that are not a true reflection of who I am as a person, nor a true reflection of what I believe about the other inhabitants of Planet Earth.

- I am not a misogynist but I have said things far too many times that could be construed to be the words of a misogynist.

- I am not a homophobe, indeed far from it, but I have made homophobic comments in jest which I deeply regret.

- I have regularly made defamatory remarks about characters as broadly different as HMQ Betty, The Donald, The Pope & his predecessors one of whom I called King of the Paedophiles, and a whole gamut of people I genuinely consider "nutters" such as L Ron Hubbard, Nigel Farage and a range of the great and small, many of whom you will never have heard of e.g Newenham de Cogan.

These are just brief examples of why I am unfit to support Irish Rugby.

I apologise to all those of spotless character .............. though good luck finding too many of them.

I understand many Ulster supporters feel similarly, still, maybe you will be able to attract people to replace us from within the chattering classes who are currently targetting Ulster Rugby but doubtless will move on when they next become offended.

Farewell, I'll not say good luck because frankly, I despise your spineless actions in aiding and abetting an unseemly witchhunt of men who are only guilty of what I too am guilty of.

Yours sincerely (full name, address and ST details included)
Right, I'm off to post mine, anyone know how much a stamp is to take a missive to Mexico?
NEVER MOVE ON. Years on, I cannot ever watch Ireland with anything but indifference, I continue to wish for the imminent death of Donal Spring, the FIRFUC's executioner of Wee Paddy & Wee Stu, and I hate the FIRFUCs with undiminished passion.
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