Richie Murphy - right man for the job?

Talk about the men in white, and everything Ulster!!

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Re: Richie Murphy - right man for the job?


rumncoke wrote: Mon Jun 24, 2024 1:19 am For backs many of the essential skills can't be coached -- vision -- and timing to name two.

for backs it basically about passing and developing special plays which is not coaching but practice and practice and more practice.

Also kicking and catching practice, practice and practice doesn't require coaching
It also helps if your built and conditioned like you play Pro rugby rather than softball
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Re: Richie Murphy - right man for the job?

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We're pulling things together over the last few posts.
Strength and conditioning really matter.
Basic skills such as catching, passing, kicking and tackling really matter.
Having the right attitude and appropriate aggression really matter.
Playing as a well co-ordinated team really matters.
None of this is rocket science!
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