"Super Sized" Rugby Tours

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"Super Sized" Rugby Tours

Post by UlsterJock »

I was just reading the Schools Cup 2011 thread and noticed that Ballyclare had recently been to New Zealand for a tour. There does seem a growing want for schools to go to these far off lands, I know that there have also been plans for Australia and South Africa by others.

What happened to tours of Wales or France? The experience and lessons of touring can be equally learnt in these countries at a much reduced cost to parents can they not? (not sure of the costs involved but they must be at least £1500+, for some maybe reasonable, for the majority though a stretch especially in this economic climate).

I am all for giving kids the opportunity to see other places, travel and meet different people but do we really need to travel all the way to the other half of the world to do it? Could it be that there are other agendas being allowed to decide locations, a case of anything they can do, we can do better ?

Like all things in life these days we don't seem content with just the regular or large size, it has to be "Super Sized" is this what is happening here?
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Re: "Super Sized" Rugby Tours

Post by ColinM »

Seems its all part of attracting players to your school
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Re: "Super Sized" Rugby Tours

Post by Beattiespastie »

I believe Sullivan Medallions are going to Spain or Portugal for 'winter training'.....surely they jest??...I would agree with UlsterJock on this one..whatever happened to touring Wales or South East England at a sensible cost to parents??..given the economic climate I am sure many parents are a tad worried at what tours some schools have in the pipeline as their sons approach senior school rugby.
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Re: "Super Sized" Rugby Tours

Post by Tighty »

The combined costs of 2 or 3 smaller trips over a players senior school playing career can work out as expensive as one big tour in their final year. I've had experience of both arrangements and was more annoyed paying out - what I reckoned was over the odds - for a few days in Scotland, Spain or Italy as opposed to one longer tour which turned out to be excellent preparation for a successful season.
I know the economic situation is bad and therefore fund raising is not easy at this time. However I know of a school which raised £1700 from one table quiz earlier this year, largely because all the parents were fully behind the tour - and we are not talking affluent leafy suburbs here.
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