Awful News from S.A

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Awful News from S.A

Post by pip14 »

You've got to get your first tackle in early, even if it's late.
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Re: Awful News from S.A

Post by isleofwighter »

Latest reports say 5 dead. Absolutely tragic.
Also read a nearby inflatable rescue craft had a puncture.

Sympathy goes out to all concerned.
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Re: Awful News from S.A

Post by brianc »

Heard early reports about this last night, truly dreadful news. Puts our petty squabbling on here into some sort of perspective really, we should all think very carefully before we ever use the term "disaster" in relation to rugby matches/performances.
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Re: Awful News from S.A

Post by WhiteKnightoftheWeld »

Good post - well said.

Very tragic.
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Re: Awful News from S.A

Post by big mervyn »


Surprised that this hasn't received more prominent news coverage here.
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