FIRA Tournament Irish Schools.

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FIRA Tournament Irish Schools.

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Despite an ordinary opening game against Portugal, Irish Schools have won their semi final contest against France, 22-20. This sets them up for a final against England. We are the holders of this trophy . Whilst only one Ulster player is in this squad, there must be some talent from the other Provinces. As well as this, very few Ulster players on the U18 Clubs side and the U19's side. Doesn't augur well for the future.
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Re: FIRA Tournament Irish Schools.

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"it is not necessarily so "as the old song says

The actual number of players who make it each year from a schools side would be surprisingly small so any provincial side can survive one or two bad years.

For example and to illustrate the point just take any provincial squad and see how many players are exactly the same age.

As a schoolboy one tends to overrate individual players in school boy rugby some develop skills early/ some mature early but come 20 /22 those advantages are lost and the player is found to be rather ordinary and not the star any more.
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