Schools Cup 2018

ny and all to do with skules

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Re: Schools Cup 2018

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Decent game, well done Hogwarts.
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Re: Schools Cup 2018

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Has Lord Logan been seen?
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Re: Schools Cup 2018

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Matthew Rainey looked handy.
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Re: Schools Cup 2018

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Snipe Watson wrote:Matthew Rainey looked handy.
Yea best player on the field by a distance.

Another centre though.
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Re: Schools Cup 2018

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The Blackrock power game clicked especially during the first half of today's Senior Cup Final 35 v 12 victory over Belvedere. 21 points up after about 20 minutes.
What made it click was the speed of their plays and the crisp passing game which had first appeared in their semi against St Mary's. Interviewed before the game began, Rock HC Justin Vanstone stated there is ' no expectation on us to deliver trophies. We're just here to put in our best performance'. And his players followed the script.
After 7 minutes of intense counter punching at the start of the match, Rock began to exert energy and metres into their carrying and scored their first of four first half tries.
The TMO wasn't used once during the game. The referee did have an awkward moment on 25 minutes when after missing a Belvo knock on and allowing a few penalty advantage phases at the Rock line He Blew the whistle just before the Belvo pivot darted in from two yards to score.
Liam Turner is one of the most impressive Schoolboy Captains that I've seen in many years.
Engaging, confident, uber intelligent, sagacity beyond his years and full of respect for his friends on the opposing team in the post match interview today. His soft handed no look pull back pass timed to perfection for the Harry Donnelly try in the first half against Mary's was a hallelujah moment. A natural leader.
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Re: Schools Cup 2018

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Jason Morgan takes over at RBAI after Dan Sopers departure
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