New ELV laws

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New ELV laws

Post by ColinS »

How is the new ELV laws working down there?
Read on Turnipfans that the Aussie's want the rules to be applied everywhere..

I don't watch any Super 14 games, anyone else seen these new laws?
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Re: New ELV laws

Post by Ithryn »

some are good some are bad, the stricter enforcement of the offside rule is great, as is the downgrading of most offences to a free kick, makes for more running rugby, not a who can score the most penalties match
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Re: New ELV laws

Post by MightyRearranger »

Been watching a bit of the S14 myself, and I have to say while the free kick rule does lend itself to a faster, more attack minded game I'm not in favour of it. Because of the weather as much as anything else, different teams and countries have different styles of play. Throwing the ball around all over the place is all well and good in Australia or the South of France, but it's not so easy here where it always rains. One of the great things in international rugby is how different countries all have their own styles of playing. Wales will offload, England will keep it tight in the forwards then move it wide, France will always go wide and run it from deep.... A rule change like this would effect the balance of world rugby too much. Some teams keep tight, pressurise, and punish mistakes with the boot (Munster being a prime example). They've always played like that, and totally undermining it by changing the rules is harldly fair.
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