Schools Cup 2009

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Re: Schools Cup 2009

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fuzzylogic wrote: No offence at all meant here paul but if thats your attitude you would be better taking your kid out of rugby for a few years. There is quite a lot of fighting goes on in schools and youth rugby. Matches erupt into fights all the time at age grade level. Its all to do with immature kids pumping their way through puberty and rammed full of excess testosterone. Almost everyone is going to get a slap at one stage or another and most schools I know at my old school and through friends at a couple of others that when kids are fighting on the rugby pitch, while normally not sent off they are banned by their school for a couple of matches at least.
I'm not naive or over-protective, and I know what used to go on in my day and what goes on now as I've been watching him and his friends develop as players through around 8 years of rugby. Just because fights break out in games doesn't mean that fighting is a necessary or welcome part of the game. I don't go to rugby to watch fights and most people I know are incensed when one of the opposition starts throwing punches, and annoyed when one of our own does as it risks giving away penalties or being binned thus disadvantaging your own team.

There will always be the odd incident at every level but it should be discouraged by appropriate sanctions from the referees not encouraged or approved either actively or by referee inaction.

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Re: Schools Cup 2009

Post by Bruce »

Couldn't agree more - i've seen some truly awful "thuggery" for want of a better word at schools level over the past eight years or so and would go as far as to say some coaches encourage it. Refs are not strict enough on red cards,a couple of the RBAI guys should have watched from the stand.
Bottom line the schools should dish out longer bans for guys punching but they're not going to so it's up to the branch. I know as a parent that i'd take the right action if it was one of mine dishing it out and i'd expect nothing less from the school. Accidents happen in contact sport and that risk is always there and accepted but punching,kicking and the current scourge of tripping have no place.

One of the worst finals i've seen but won by probably the best team i've seen - usually like to have a pop at the big two but credit to MCB,they've been great this year and very worthy winners.
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Re: Schools Cup 2009

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Agree with Bruce. I cannot believe how the Inst 9 got away with his actions just before and during the fight. Watch it in slo mo. He takes the MCB 7 out with a kick to the knee off the ball (he is then carried off and in danger of missing Irish schools stuff apparently) and then knees their 6 in the face. If there was citing in this match he'd be out for months.
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