The terrace is closed, the terrace is open...

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The terrace is closed, the terrace is open...

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Total chaos today at Ravers. Heading for the Prom with our tickets only to be met with a tidal wave heading away from the prom saying its full and the terrace is open :scratch: . Got there and it was still blocked off. Cue the push and shove at the terrace end toilets and one eventsec bloke not knowing what to do. Eventually a few more turn up and they check the tickets (checking for what - none of them say terrace). Then the terrace is closed off as it's full and you have to ask to get in and out again.

1. Did the Branch oversell the prom? Add the numbers together from the prom and the terrace and it would suggest this.
2. Eventsec on the terrace and keeping the walkways clear? No, only seemed to appear near the half way to check on the 'chanting'.
3.Everybody off the pitch? Was never going to work today, but fair play to the bloke who opened the gate as the pile up at the side of the pitch was geting a bit tight in places.

Seemed like an awful lot was 'organised' on the hoof today :roll:
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Re: The terrace is closed, the terrace is open...

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I was surprised to see all those people on the terrace, my first thought was some dark conspiracy to sell prom tickets as the cheapest option and then feed people onto the terrace as the prom was full but continue to charge full price.
Why? Why not?
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